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Breakup With Your Clothes

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Women Choose Clothing Based On Emotional State

Have you ever opened your wardrobe only to be faced with an item of clothing you immediately feel bad about? You wore it for a date that went badly wrong and have never put it on since. Then there is that dress hanging beside it, an old favorite you don't fit into any more, but would never dream of throwing away.

Researchers have found women attach emotions to clothes. We then use the ones that make us feel good as tools to boost our mood.


Are you using your clothes as a "ScapeGoat"?

"Often people transfer negative emotions onto their clothing," Dr Tombs says. "If they go on a date and it doesn't go well, they want to direct the negative feelings towards an object rather than themselves." A piece of clothing is the ideal scapegoat.

In some cases, people throw away or tear up clothes they associate with an ex or an old job, because it is a physical way of severing their connection.

A report published in Qualitative Research In Psychology in 2008 found even just thinking of certain items from their wardrobe gave individuals a boost in confidence.

People in the study said when there was an item of clothing they were always complimented on, simply viewing the garment made them feel the buzz of the praise.


Make New Memories!

Clothes almost work like photographs: they bring back memories of a moment in your life, or can create new memories. I encourage women to shop for clothes that boost their mood and confidence, as well as dressing according to how they feel at that very moment. 

Ask yourself what's in your closet?

Do your clothes make you feel happy and confident?

If not use this opportunity to shop for items that changes your mood into a positive one. Say goodbye to the breakup items that only remind you of a broken heart or the dress you only wish you can fit back into.

Live for now BE HAPPY!





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